“J’PURA EXPO 2023”

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Our Vision

“Amplify Sri Lankan produce”.


Our Mission

“To advance exports through exploring sustainable options”.


To be instrumental with provision of information for mitigating the acute foreign exchange crisis by boosting Sri Lankan foreign earnings.


What We Do?

Provide necessary knowledge,

guidance, networks, facilities and government support for local budding small scale entrepreneurs and to upgrade their offer to match the global market standards.

Create an online platform

to directly connect exporters and foreign buyers to facilitate opportunity.

Provide a platform for

potential exporters and SMEs with foreign and local buyers to create direct links to connect the local supply network into global value chains.

Advocate on optimisation of

FTAs, GSP+ concessions, and other export market prospects for new products from local resources.

Explore and research for

innovative exportable products and materials with calculated market prospects.

Facilitate and guide

skilled foreign employment over low/unskilled foreign employment as part of a national initiative.

For Whom?

This website is for potential and existing exporters and foreign employment seekers who wish and tirelessly endeavour to bring in foreign exchange in to the country.

Glimpse of Contents
  • Information regarding from business registration.
  • General export process and procedure and guidelines.

  • Related authorities and their contact details for an exporter.

  • A bank of innovative and profitable business ideas for export.

  • Creative exportable products who are seeking for investor support.

  • Study programmes and courses for foreign skilled employment.

  • Skilled foreign employment openings and options.

We expect that this will deliver a suitable platform for the exporters, buyers and future entrepreneurs to engage in successful exports effectively.

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