Export and Exportable products in the Sri Lanka

As a developing country, Sri Lanka must have a more concentrated strategies and effort to promote and develop its Exports sector in order to achieve economic growth in the country.

Thus, primarily we have to identify about what are the products which already contributing and which can be contributed to reach the high economic growth.

Export products in the Sri Lanka

Already Sri Lanka Exports a wide range of the agriculture and industrial products.

Key agriculture products

1. Ceylon Tea

Uniqueness:  Ceylon Tea is the heart of the Sri Lankan Exports and only one and cleanest Tea brand among the global Tea drinkers because of the,

  • Finest quality.
  • Orthodox methods of harvesting and production.
  • Purity from chemicals.
  • Unique flavour, fragrance and freshness
  • First ozone friendly Tea in the world and do not use methyl- bromide during packaging and shipping.

Types:  Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Herbal Tea, Organic Ceylon Tea, Oolong Tea, Other Tea, Infusions, Instant Tea.

2. Coconut and coconut based products

Uniqueness:  Sri Lanka is one of the top five coconuts and coconuts products exporters.

  • Coconut industry is diverse and multi- faced.
  • Manufactures are introducing fresh and innovative products.
  • Use the stringent set of regulations for the Manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the quality of the products.


  • Coconut peat products (grow bags, planter bags, grow cubes, compressed blocks, discs, loose coco peat).
  • Coconut water products (pre-packed tender coconut water, pre-packed king coconut water, Coconut water based Coconut vinegar).
  • Coconut kernel products (desiccated coconut, coconut chips, coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut butter).
  • Coconut fiber products (coir brooms and brushes, coir mats, coir geotextiles).
  • Coconut shell products (carbon, coconut shell charcoal).
  • Coconut sap products (coconut Jagger, treacle and vinegar).

3. Food, feed and beverages

Uniqueness:  providing a range of healthy, nutritious and tasty processed foods and beverages. Use the locally harvested fruits, vegetables, cereals and grains.

Types:  Dehydrated foods, processed vegetables, fruits and juices, processed food, rice, cereals, oil seed and its products, coffee, beverages, animal feed, meats.

4. Spices, Essential oils and Oleoresins.

Uniqueness:  variety and quality of spices. These products have unique aroma and flavor.

Types:  organic spices, pepper, cardamoms, ginger, saffron, turmeric, vanilla, condiments, cinnamon, cloves).

Key industrial products

1. Apparel and Textiles

Uniqueness:  Manufactures evolve beyond traditional Exports and tailoring design to provide sophisticated and creative solution.

  • They use fashion BPO services, research, and development and innovation centers.
  • Fast, high quality, reliability and ethical fashion products.
  • Green manufacturing process of the garment in Sri Lanka. (Eco -friendly and sustainable.)

Types:  knitted fabrics, made-up textile, other textile, non- woven garments, fabrics, accessories, handloom products, woven fabrics.

2. Diamonds, Gems and Jewellery

Uniqueness:  Sri Lankan Jewellery blend strong tradition with the latest technology and innovation, differing heavily from its counterparts in Asia. High availability of precious and semi-precious stones and the expertise of the Exporters in the Sri Lanka.

Types: Diamonds, Gems, Jewellery, pearls

3. Rubber and Rubber based products

Uniqueness:  Availability of premium quality natural Rubber Latex.

  • Specialization of niche products for global markets.
  • Sustainable production practices.

      Types:  Industrial Solid tires, flooring mats, industrial components, automotive components, rubber bands, sealing rings, straps, hoses and hot water bottles.

4. Boat and ship building

Uniqueness:  Sri Lanka has a long and a proud history of boat building.

  • Sri Lanka has a strategic location, highly trainable workforce and the labor cost advantage.
  • Produces ships and boats that navigate global oceanic channels as well as island waterways.
  • Wide range of manufactures and shipyards delivering various boat and shipbuilding.

 Types:  Boats, Small ships, Accessories

More Export Categories

  • Ayurvedic and Herbal Products
  • Ceramics and porcelain Products
  • Chemicals and Plastic products
  • Cut flower and Foliage
  • Electrical and Electrical products
  • Engineering products
  • Fish and fisheries products
  • Footwear and parts
  • Giftware and Toys
  • Handloom products
  • Leather products
  • Organic products
  • Wood and wooden products

Export Services

  • BPM
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • ICT
  • Logistics
  • Wellness Tourism
  • Construction, Power and Energy Services
  • Higher Education Services
  • Marine and Offshore services
  • Printing Prepress and Packaging

New Exportable Products ideas in Sri Lanka

Although it is still unrealized or currently doing on a small scale, the Food, Beverage, Feed, handicrafts and medicinal plants products in Sri Lanka have huge Export potential.

  • Different types of fruits can be packed and exported using a preservative during the fruits ripening season. For an example, Rambutan, Ceylon oak, Pani Mora fruit and Longkong can be peeled and packed in syrup for exports.
  • Natural beverages can be made, bottled and exports during the fruit season. For an example, we can be made star fruit, beli, sapodilla, sour sop and Duriyan beverages in the season.
  • Fruits such as Embilla, Tamarind, Bilin and Ambaralla can be exported by salting, drying and packing them such a way that prevent entering water and air.
  • Vegetables and fruits like Breadfruit, Bitter gourd, sweet potato and Ash plantain, Banana blossom in brine can be packed as a snacks and exported after the frying.
  • We can make sausages and snacks using kohila yam.
  • We can make packet of Cassava mixed with honey, packet of rice grains mixed with honey after the dried and fried.
  • We can export pumpkin as butter, cake, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds pumpkin bread or muffins and pumpkin toffee.
  • We can export Jackfruit as pancake, shake, burger, chili and snacks.

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