Export Related Authorities & Institutions

Sri Lanka Customs

Sri Lanka Customs is one of the oldest government departments in Sri Lanka which is responsible for collection of revenues and enforcement laws. The Customs are created to control and command the trade with other countries. Customs guide to maintain stable economy from the influence of foreign movements to keep safe of domestic products, restrict illegal entries into local market and ensure citizens safe from the new entering goods to the country.

Services offered Sri Lanka Customs,

  • Collection of revenues.
  • Prevention of revenue leakages and other frauds.
  • Facilitation of legitimate trade.
  • Collection of Export and Import data to provide statistics.
  • Cooperation and coordination with other Government Departments and stakeholders in respect of imports and exports.

All exporting and importing goods are required to deliver a good declaration form to Sri Lanka Customs. This declaration is known as the CUSDEC (Customs goods Declaration).

Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI)

Board of investment of Sri Lanka is responsible for imports and exports of projects and provide other investor related services.

Services offered by the BOI,

  • Processing and approving Export and import documents.
  • Examination of Export import cargo.
  • Issue of certificates of Origin for Apparel and Textile products.
  • Approval for Subcontracts, Transfers, Loans of raw material.
  • Re- import and Re- export of items.
  • Indirect Export.

Export Development Board

Export Development Board is the superior organization for the development and promotion of exports. EDB devote for the development of exports in Sri Lanka by playing roles as,

  • Policy adviser – advising government to create new policies for the development of exports in Sri Lanka.
  • Monitor – monitoring performance and functions of exports in Sri Lanka
  • Promoter- implementing products, design, market and other development programmes to promote
  • Facilitator – coordinating and facilitating all the export development activities
  • Knowledge provider – provide relevant information, advices, directions regarding the overall export business in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Ports Authority

Ports Authority is a government development which is responsible for the supply and maintenance of cargo-handling equipment and other infrastructure pilotage service docking and slipping.

SLPA   dedicate to maintain effective and efficient Port Services, provide a competitive edge to importers & exporters by ensuring a cost effective, efficient & reliable Service, ensure safety and security of the Port users and Port infrastructure.

Services offered SLPA,

  • Ware houses & store houses facilities.
  • Cold storage plants.
  • Terminal facilities.
  • Sea wall jetties.
  • Cargo facilities and so on.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

The Ceylon Chamber of commerce is an organization which promotes local businesses. Chamber of commerce provide access to the valuable resources, discounts, and relationships that helps to save money and expand market for the products of businesses. By joining with a chamber of commerce businesses can enhance their sales and local business visibility.

Services offered by Chambers of industries,

  • Foreign trade promotions.
  • Vocational trainings.
  • Regional economic developments.
  • General services.

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