Product Fair

Date: 17th December 2022

Venue: Mihilaka Medura BMICH, Colombo

Time: 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.


  • Food, Coconut, herbs and spice related producers
  • Ministers of the present government
  • Embassy representatives and Trade officers
  • Potential foreign buyers

Delivery Format:

Exhibition with a Round Table Presentation

The event is intended to upgrade already designed product offers to export standards with higher value addition. The focused category for Japura Expo 2022 is agro based products which could potentially be enhanced into exportable goods. It is also expected to build up a platform for the exporters to reach export market via authorities and otherwise. This attempt is aimed at supporting them to gain necessary information and guidance regarding basic facilities availability, ways of utilization of local resources and networks effectively.

Event Structure

1.Product Demonstration

The first phase of the event, is to create a platform to exhibit product offers to local and foreign buyers for their consideration. The product offers ranging from primary to augmented value addition may be presented.

2.Product Evaluation and market facilitation

A platform is created to build a connectivity among both local and foreign buyers with the chosen SMEs. Government Authorities responsible for exports promotion of the selected product categories will be invited to assess and evaluate the offers and to provide necessary guidelines and facilitation for upgrading the product offer to suit for the international market demand. If the product is already presented at the required standard, they will be linked the relevant trade officers of the desired destination of the entrepreneur.

In the product fair, from each selected sectors, we plan to display nearly 15 product items which includes coconut related products, tea & herbs related products and spice related products totalling to approximately 45 products offers. You can obtain information regarding the exportable markets, export process, export methodology, regulations and concessions and many more value additions.

If the offer is an invention, the entrepreneur gets to launch and promote their products to the current and potential both local and foreign buyers and generate links to global value chains. The buyers reach is eased off than ever before with this mechanism,

Choosing to participate is the best choice you may make if you have a product to push through to international markets.

The Fair is Complemented With:

  • Web site developers.
  • Social media agencies.
  • Legal practitioners and commercial lawyers.
  • To further put out the remaining barriers of trade.